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01 Beginning Genealogy


Training Tool






2015 Lock-in - David Beall - Genealogy on the Cheep 5 minute down load on a slow connection

Podcast/Training Courses

Free from the local Library: Eastern Oklahoma District Library System - Genealogy 101
Family History Library - Patron Class Schedule
Family History Library Classes and Webinars
RootsMOOC: Intro to Genealogy and Family History Research
Genealogy Do-Over
Genealogy Gems - Lisa Louise Cooke
How To Begin Tracing Your Family Tree
Turn your Speakers on --- Training
Family Search Training
BYU - Beginning Genealogy
BYU - Other courses available on line
New Course for Genealogy Newbies $
7 Places to find Genealogy Courses
Family Tree Magazine Podcast
FTMP 86: Best Tips and Tools for Beginners
In the July 2015 episode of the podcast, learn how to start searching for your family history with hints
Start your Tree for FREE on Ancestry
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2016 Rootstech Conference


Tracing, Charting and Writing Your Family History by Lois Martin Skalka
Unexpected Encounters - In Genealogical Research - a guide by Horst A. Wadsack
Genealogy standards, Board for Certification of Genealogists (Washington, D.C.),
Genealogy, Boy Scouts of America Merit badge Series
2010 edition - not as good
web dated
Family search
Seven Steps to a Family Tree by: William Dollarhide


Cyndislist Beginners » Beginners Guides, Hints & Tips
Old but valid
How to Begin a Search for Your Ancestor - Family Search
Family Tree Magazine Glossary
Family Search Wiki
Family Search Begin your genealogy quest
Cyndislist Training:
Cyndislist Podcast:
Famly Search Family History


David Beall
WikipediA Cousin:
Family Tree Magazine 25 Websites-for-beginners
How to begin your Genealogical Research
Free Genealogy Websites
Getting started with American ancestors
Mark Lowe Beginning Genealogy
Mark Lowe Free Genealogy Websites
Mark Lowe Genealogy Subscription Databases
Mark Lowe Golden Nuggets: Those Overlooked Sources in the Genealogy Collection
Mark Lowe Hidden Treasures: Genealogy Vertical Files Handout
Mark Lowe Navigating the Library Catalog
Mark Lowe The Deep Web: Using the Library's Other Databases for Genealogy Research


PCGHS All Name County Index
Family Tree Magazine Podcast Primer
The Genealogical Research Checklist (from Katherine R. Willson)
Start your Tree for FREE on Ancestry
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Homework - Course on integrating Ancestry Free Family Tree and the Library edition of Ancestry for best results

Five Generation Ancestor Chart Requires e-mail address
Lesson Plan
Time Line Form
Research log Form
Reference Number Tracking Form
Set up a Ancetry Free Family Tree Online
Requires e-mail address
How to Download a GEDCOM File from Ancestry

Charts: Pedigree - Family Group - Timeline

Cyndilist Free Stuff » Printable Charts & Forms
Family Tree Magazine Basic Charts and Worksheets
Fan Chart
Time Line
Family Group
Genealogy about
Research Log

Reference Numbers

Wikipedia Genealogical Numbering Systems
Numbering Systems in Genealogy by Richard A. Pence
Cyndislist Numbering Systems » General Resources
Family Search Genealogy Numbering Systems

Research Plan

How to Build a Genealogy Research Plan
19 Feb 2016
Family Tree Magazine Sample Family History Research Plan
Family Search The Genealogical Research Plan (National Institute)
Genealogy Do-Over


FaceBook Genealogical Groups - Download only by Katherine R. Willson
Genealogy Do-Over Check Internet resources
Genealogy Do-Over Master Tool Box

Christina Thurber


Cemeteries on line

Ashland Cemetery, Pittsburg County
Cheadle Cemetery, Pittsburg County
Chickasaw Indian Cemetery, Pittsburg County
Choate Prairie Cemetery, Pittsburg County
Massey Cemetery, Pittsburg County
Pine Top Cemetery, Pittsburg County


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