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2015 Roots Tech - Getting started in Genetic Genealogy
How to Get Started Using DNA for Genealogy and Family History
Feb 24, 2015
Ancestry Playlist 37 videos
Family Tree DNA
AncestryDNA: Cousin Matches and DNA Circles 2014
Theory of DNA Science - MESSAGE FROM GOD 2014
AncestryDNA: Everybody's Doing It testing multiple family members 2013
AncestryDNA: What To Do With All Those Matches 2013
DNA testing was sought after two headstones were found for the same woman in a Kentucky cemetery 2013
AncestryDNA: Surname and Location Filters 2013
Family History all done? What's your number - where are you 3 cousins
AncestryDNA: Using Filters to Focus on One Family at a Time 2013
The New Frontier in Genetic Genealogy: Autosomal DNA Testing 2013
Downloading Ancestry’s Autosomal DNA Raw Data File 2013
DNA testing, the best types of tests to have performed 2013
AncestryDNA makes it easier to communicate with people who match, improves its website for mobile users, and provides the ability to download raw DNA data 2013
You've Received Your AncestryDNA Results. Now what? 2012
Benefits of DNA testing 2012
George just received the results of a Y-DNA test from Family Tree DNA 2012
DNA Research for Genealogists: Beyond the Basics 2012
The Power of DNA in Unlocking Family Relationships 2011
Using autosomal DNA testing to solve family mysteries 2011
National Geographic: The Human Family Tree 2011
Common Questions about DNA services. 2009
National Geographic: The Human Family Tree 2005
. FamilyTreeDNA.com’s Channel:
AncestryDNA: Handling the Unexpected

Jul 21, 2015

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Cyndislist DNA, Genetics & Family Health
Welcome to the ISOGG Wiki
Autosomal DNA
Autosomal DNA statistics
Family Finder
Autosomal DNA testing comparison chart
Admixture analyses
Y chromosome DNA tests
List of DNA testing companies
MtDNA testing comparison chart
Y-DNA SNP testing chart
Y-DNA STR testing chart


Ancestry Jump into Genetic Genealogy
DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy
Ancestry Glossary of DNA Terms
Exploring our DNA – Europe West
Getting Started with AncestryDNA: Tree Setup and Tools Available
AncestryDNA’s New Ancestor Discoveries Solves a 100 Year Old Family Story
Beginners' guides to genetic genealogy
How is Confidence Computed In AncestryDNA?
International Society of Genetic Genealogy
3 Reasons to Test Your DNA for Genealogy

Family Tree Magazine

Industry Updates: Genetic Genealogy December 2014 page 8

SNP's - Single Nucleotide Polymorphism - source Highland County, Ohio FaceBook group -
Rebecca Bowers Heckathorn

Defination (Wiki)
Defination 2 (gov)
Database of single nucleotide polymorphisms
SNP Questions and answers
Short form SNP
Glossary #2 offer 4 more that the one above
Genetics Home Reference
GED Match Tools for DNA and Genealogy Research
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