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Corp of Engineer Records
Graves Relocated as a Result of the Lake Eufaula Project
Grave of John W. and Lizzie Hensley
Grave of Millie Fife
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Aaron, Adams, Allen, Anglin, Arron, Arteberry, Asbeary, Atkins, Baily, Barnett, Basham, Bass, Bates, Beck, Bedford, Bennett, Benson, Berryhill, Bess, Best, Blankenship, Blevins, Boatman, Boland, Bradshaw, Brain, Brandon, Brassfield, Brewer, Brown, Bruce, Buck, Buie, Burgen, Burk, Busby, Canady, Carr, Cartlidge, Cartmill, Cathey, Cathy, Chapman, Chilcoat, Choate, Clanton, Clark, Colbert, Collins, Cooper, Coppick, Corley, Counts, Creekmore, Daniel, Davenport, Davis, Dayberry, Dora, Downum, Doyle, Eckells, Eeds, Eldridge, England, Eslick, Estep, Everts, Evert, Fat, Featherston, Fife, Follansbee, Ford, Foshee, Fowler, Franklin, Freeman, French, Frisbie, Gabbert, Gage, Gahagans, Gallion, Garland, Garrison, Gentry, (Ghagnas, Ghagans, or Gahagans) , Gilliam, Goodman, Goodnight, Gossett, Graham, Grayson, Greer, Gregg, Grizzle, Hall, Halbert, Hanly, Hanson, Hardin, Harmon, Harp, Harper, Hart, Haston, Hatfield, Hatsaker, Haversby, Hawkins, Henderson, Hendrix, Henry, Hensley, Henson, Hill, Highers, Hodges, Hogan, Hope, Houston, Huey, Huff, Hunt, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jameson, Jane, Jenkins, Jenks, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kelley, Kelly, Kennedy, Keppler, Ketchan, Kirby, Kithchens, Kliason, Knapp, Lackey, Lamb, Lampkins, Lane, Lankford, Ledbetter, Lee, Lerblance, Lewis, Loving, Manes, Marshall, Marshel, Martin, Massey, Mathews, Mathis, Matthews, McAfee, McCain, McCaslin, McClenny, McCaslin, McCracken, McDonald, McDuff, McElhaney, McGuire, McIlwain, McIntosh, McKamey, McLain, McNac, McNeely, Milburn, Miller, Milligan, Min, Minnie, Mitchell, Molloy, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Mote, Mundell, Murphy, Nelson, Needham, Newberry, Newlin, Nin, Nix, Null, O'Brien, Odom, O'Neal, Overmon, Palmer, Parham, Park, Parker, Patterson, Patton, Pendergraft, Perkins, Phillips, Pierce, Ponder, Powell, Priddy, Pryer, Pullan, Pullen, Quirk, Rampp, Rapp, Reeves, Reynol, Reynolds, Rhine, Rice, Richard, Robinson, Rooney, Rose, Ross, Ruff, Rumsey, Ryan, Sage, Salters, Sanders, Sanderson, Sexton, Scholl, Scott, Scruggs, Self, Shatswell, Shropshire, Slaven, Small, Smith, Sparks, Spurlock, Stafford, Stamps, Standridge, Steele, Stone, Story, Strickland, Stubbiefield, Tabor, Tackett, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thorton (Thornton), Toler, Tolleson, Tucker, Turner, Underwood, Vails, Vandyke, Waldron, Wallace, Warner, Ward, Washington, Watkins, Watson, Weeks, Wesley, West, Whaley, Whitlock, Widener, Williams, Williamson, Willie, Wilson, Wilton, Winninger, Winton, Wise, Wood, Woods, Woolever, Wynn, Yarbrough.
Cemeteries affected:Adamson, Bower, Brassfield, Cathey, Fame, Freeman, Genview, Grayson, Hichita (Lackey), Hoffman, Jennings, Jimmy Work, Macintosh, Massey, McDuff, McNak, McNally, New Mellette, O. L. Lackey, Old Hope, Palestine, Red Oak, Silversprings, Tabor, Williams
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We do not know if we have a completed set of the records, Note the sequence numbers have gaps. Upon completing this task the team realized the documents required an index to be used effectively and they developed one using the as-built drawings and the inscriptions on the head stones

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