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Terri Boyd

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Subject of Research:

My Granny & 3 sibs were orphaned somewhere here in OK between 1893 and before the 1900 census. I have found nothing on the Dawes rolls that look like may be my GrGrandparents. I am looking for maybe guardianship records. I am only able to research at home due to health issues. No clue as to where they lived when my GrGrandparents died. Oldest 2 sibs of my Granny born at Tamaha, next child born at Paul's Valley, my Granny was born in OK City per the 1900 census. Oldest record I have found is the 1900 census Granny and 2 sibs were living with supposedly an Aunt & Uncle in Hartshorne. I have not figured how we are tied to that family other than remember hearing the Beshears name or found them since 1900. Then before 1903 Granny and her sister were in the Tahlequah area. Granny is listed as a Ward in the household of her brother in laws parents in the 1910 census. I do know my GrGrandpa was George Lafayette Cantrel born in AR about 1853 went by Fate Cantrel and my GrGrandma was Elizabeth last name for her not sure. Depending on who you ask in the family it was Green or Bridges. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.











To summarize: Terri is trying to prove the parentage of Grace Cantrel - she believes her father to be George L Cantrel, but lacks sufficient documentation to prove

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25 May 2016
Terri Boyd
Research challange: L S Bridges died in 1896 burried in Elmwood Cemetery in Hartshorne - trying to prove link to her family
27 October 2015
Family Search
On-line Database
Used the tools in RootsMagic to search the Family Search database to see what data comes up
John William Cantrell - 3 hits on FC
He also shows 4 hist on My Heritage (I do not have a subscription)
Grace Cantrel - No results
George L Cantrel - No results
Eliza Jane Cate - No results
Elizabeth Lee Green or Bridges - no enough information
27 October 2015
Update the Tree to get a visual of what we are dealing with
Note John William Cantrell is 130 years old with the data I Have
7 October 2015
PCGHS Library
Look up basic records for Cantrell and Gillum
Cantrell 2
Cantrell 3
Terri Boyd First of all Boyd is my married name Maiden name is Gillum. My Dad' s Mom is Gracie Cantrel born 1892/3 OK City. Her Dad was George Lafayette Cantrel born about 1853 AR looks likes Benton Co. Per extendedfamily his parents are William Cantrel born Nov27,1823 TN. His mother was Eliza Jane Cate.I have heard her mother was Elizabeth Lee Green and Elizabeth Bridges depending on who in the extended family you talk to. What I am hoping to find is some sort of maybe a guardianship record. That way I can prove who Granny Gracie's parents were not just take someone else's word Since both George and Elizabeth were dead somewhere in OK (I assume IndianTerritory) before the 1900 census. I am just not sure where to look or if there may be any records if they are not Native American. No I do not an Ancestry account at this time. --- Terri Boyd All I know for sure is that my Granny Gracie or Grace Cantrel has 3 older siblings . James Clarence Cantrel born about 1884 Tamaha OK. Lillie Bell Cantrel born about 1888 also Tamaha OK. William Fred Cantrel born about 1890 Paul's Valley. 1900 Census has Gracie, Lillie and William "Fred" Cantrel living with Geo W and Lidie their DTR Julia at Hartshorne OK. Gracie, Lillie and Fred are listed as nieces and nephew. I have heard James Clarence is somewhere in AR . 1910 census has Gracie living with a family named Wright as a ward in Cherokee county OK. I have heard Granny Gracie and her sister Lillie talk about the Beshears family but I cannot find them after the 1900 census. So far I have not been able to say blood relation or the close family friend that was called Aunt & Uncle. I have been looking through OK probate and guardianship records on Family Search in all the counties I know for sure that we have ties to or show to have records before statehood.
11 September 2015
Roots Magic Database
Lets see if I understand correctly
Sample pedigree
10 September 2015
1 August 2015
See what names in county
Beshears - others

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