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PCGHS - Research log Lon Bracken for Nancy Calhoun

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Subject of Research:

We can use some
help with a research request. A lady is looking for
information on a relative named Lon Bracken who worked at
the penitentiary in the early days. He was maybe warden or
assistant warden or executioner. She says she was there with
a college group in the late 1990s and she saw a monument
near the gate with his name on it. She said it was about two
feet tall.

I called the old museum number and it
went to the main line and that woman said the museum was
closed, the historian retired, and most of the items have
been removed. She had no knowledge of a marker. She told me
to call "old records" in Oklahoma City. That
person told me she had inmate information, not nothing on
the employees.

Any insight? I haven't been
able to find him on any of the usual sites, so I'm
wondering if Lon might not be a nickname. She thinks she was
there for quite awhile.

Thanks for any help you
can provide.

Nancy Calhoun Local History
and Genealogical DepartmentMuskogee Public Library

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