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Melissa Cooper
I am Melissa Cooper and am trying to help my husband research some harder to find ancestors in Pittsburg County area. I enjoy history and geneology. I am searching the Cooper surname. In particular a Virginia Cooper born about 1920 to Burl C Cooper and his first wife. Her name is unknown and I can find no record of their marriage or Virginia's birth. it is likely her household contained no other Coopers as her parents did not stay married very long. I didn't know what my Great-Grandfather Louis Alexander Cooper looked like until yesterday.
Virginia Cooper
My cousins Gary Cooper and Louis Cooper, whom I recently got into contact with, sent me copies of 4 pictures. Louis Alexander is seated with his wife Laura behind him. She is pregnant with George Cooper in this picture. The girl on the right is their daughter Elva Cooper. On the far left it is labeled "Burl's Daughter", meaning Burl Sr., my grandfather. I am assuming this is my Aunt Joye. The young man is their son Elisha Cooper. Keep in mind we are not descended from Laura Shropshire Cooper. She was Louis Alexander's 2nd wife. Essie Clark was his first wife and the mother of Burl Sr. I am tagging everyone descended from Louis Alexander. Maybe Aunt Barbara or Aunt Lillian can confirm if that is Aunt Joye in the picture.

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