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Matt Wingo Hartshorne. Wingo. Long story. Been looking for gr gr uncle. He and his brother and sisters lived there. I will send another mssg in morning. Sorry but sure appreciate your mssg. I will give you interesting information --- I am sorry I did not get back as I said. Old age (not that old-63) and its infirmities). I seek no personal gain but knowledge. This sounds silly maybe, I want to find the places my people lived and stand on their property. My gr gr gr grandfather Willis P Wingo came to Hartshorne and surrounding areas ending up at Eufala. His sons stayed on in Hartshorne and Gowen. Sam and WW Wingo along with Maude Wingo lived somewhere in Hartshorne. They were there in the late 1880s and early 20th century. Sam was a Deputy US MArshal who actually went to the wrong side riding with and in my opinion , running as leader of the gang. He is known to have shot several men in Hartshorne after release from the Fort Smith, Sebastian County Ark jail for another murder he committed as a lawman. I have found several articles about them and would love to find ALL THAT I CAN. Willis P Wingo      
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  I had a gr gr great uncle SAMUEL WINGO who was one of a couple who rode for Judge Parker. Sam was stationed in the Choctaw nation, Hartshorne, IT. The lists are resplendent with his name He was Cherokee/Choctaw Indian. Somewhere around 1887 he got into a gunfight with two Choctaws reported to be bootleggers. Sam killed both men. BLACK TIGER. and LONG TOM Sam was indicted eventually after the court erroneously indicted Ed Wingo his brother for those killings. It was found to have no merit. In 1887 Sam had killed a man in Van Buren and he was charged , tried and sentenced, then transferred to Ft. Smith where he overpowered the deputy and escaped. He was encountered again in Hackett City Ark by Deputy Pink Davenport, a gunfight ensued and Sam escaped into the territory. Sam was captured in Paris in 1889 and spent time in the Fort Smith County Jail. He must have gotten off early as in May 1890 he shot a man in Hartshorne and another in June 1890. Sam is not heard from again until May 1892 when he was found in the Guthrie Jail with 4 other men, the headlines of the newspaper for that day said 5 of the Dalton Gang had been captured and were in jail there. Discharged from his disorderly conduct and drunk charge he is heard of again in Sept 1892 in Deming New Mexico where he is using the credentials of a U.S. Deputy Marshal Sam Williams who was never heard from again. Sam was identified by his 2 pearl handled pistols and part of his jaw was shot away from an earlier gunfight. Sam Wingo was treated by a woman in Deming for having his finger shot off and he had a badlybleeding wound of the leg .Sam Wingo was sending telegraphs to Paris Tx that the Dalton gang had been captured there. One month later was Coffeyville, Kansas, most of the Dalton Gang were killed in a double bank robbery. Sam lived in Hartshorne as deputy and outlaw, he lived with William Wilson Wingo his brother and not far from another brother Edwin P Wingo of Latimer County near Hartshorne. Their father was Willis P Wingo who lived then near Eufala and was shot in the head there by 2 men he owed money. He lived. Ironically the man who arrested the shooters was the man whose idenitification Sam used in Deming, Sam Williams DUSM. Sam testified in Atlanta Georgia in 1885 that he was Choctaw but did not like Indians. However, Sam made several bonds , all the bonds were made by Indians including Tandy Walker and other high ranking Indians of their respective territories.        
Matt Wingo There were other Wingo blood, one was Maude Wingo. She is in the Hrtshorne paper many times attending functions. She married Stuart Bate in Hartshorne and had a daughter Jeanette about 1902. They moved to California where Jeanette became a famous dancer and was referred to in the 20s as "instructor to the stars" and also to famous child actors.
Matt Wingo Obviously, I want to know any and everything I can of my folks. They began in Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Arkansas. Willis P was a great land and slave owner before the civil war, he lost it all to the carpetbaggers and relocated following the trails of his ancestors to Arkansas. It should be noted that he came to the territory with Pierre Durant.

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