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Jo LaVonne Ahlm
Although a native New Mexican I have strong, rich roots in Pittsburg County. The best references to connection lies primarily in Elmwood Cemetery. My maternal grandparents Henry Paul Eads and Violet Jessie Jaggars are interned. On my paternal side, the list of grandparents is long. Jessie E. Suter, Lillie E. Taylor, William Harl Suter, Luther E. Taylor (his wife by newspaper account but unmarked grave) Myrtle Parker, his father Samuel Robert Taylor. My grandmother Arnetta Rozena Powell is buried in McAlester. My grandparents from all sides are listed in many census but most notably in the 1910 & 1920 Dow Township listing not only the families above but Jessie Jaggars, grandfather to my mother and my Powell grandparents also.
I am primarily interested in genealogy but once upon the journey history is rather inevitable. I am not sure what specific events I am interested in other than there is much erroneous information in Find a grave that needs rectifying. I have much to learn for all the rest in sorting it all out.
In all good likelihood, I am related to many whom are a county resident of 3-4 generations back so it would be nice to learn more.
Possibly a distant cousin,
Lillie Elizabeth Taylor died in child birth in her 30's. By verbal account it was said that her mother Myrtle Parker was an adopted child of Quanah Parker. This has been thoroughly investigated and does not seem valid by written record or DNA. Myrtle (1893-1919)is identified in a 1910 census, From this census, I can gather she was married within +\- 1year in 1902 to Luther Taylor. He was supposed to be with a wheat threshing crew which was traveling through Texas. Myrtle was born in Tx and both parents are listed as being born in the United States. The census states she could read and write. I have been able to locate 3 cousins verified through DNA. 2 of them were adopted and Myrtle,like her daughter, died in her early 30s in childbirth and I can confirm one of her children was adopted. Family tree information does not extend beyond Myrtle due to early deaths and children being adopted. I feel as if I might could match age and census for Myrtle if I could find a correlation of the wheat threshing crew and then area of marriage.
What or where would you suggest hunting and in what records?
Myrtle Parker - born in TX
Luther Taylor
Lillie Elizabeth Taylor
Lillie Elizabeth Taylor
Jesse Edward Suter
residence date: 1910 residence place: Neodesha, Wilson, Kansas, USA birth date: 1885 birth place: Texas Name: Myrtle Taylor
Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Neodesha, Wilson, Kansas; Roll: T624_459; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 0221; FHL microfilm: 1374472
Year: 1920; Census Place: Dow, Pittsburg, Oklahoma; Roll: T625_1484; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 191; Image: 203
Also most of the family trees in Ancestry have Myrtle passing in 1919 but she is in the census above. On this page under heals of household John Suter is son Jessie Suter(my grandfather) in the entry just above John Suter(although difficult to read) is Luther and Myrtle and my grandmother wife to be to Jessie Lillie) all the names of the children and siblings correspond. I have tried to put this on Myrtle on my family tree (Suter) but it will not let me.
As far as I know, Luther and Myrtle should be buried at Elmwood in Hartshorne (just about everyone I am related to for 2-4 generations from aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents are there) but I have not found a grave for her. Also I expect any records Elmwood may have had of her were destroyed in the fire. I know of no death certificate. I do not know if a resident of Dow would have been buried anywhere else. I am pretty sure Luther is there.
These are my people but the link you sent is of John Suter's (listed in census above) mother Minerva Jane Pritchett Kinkaid. The conversation in the link is about that which is another mystery I cannot solve as family folklore says that Minerva's mother Maryline was the wife of Chief Joseph Kincade of the Choctaws but the marriage was by Indian ceremony and then Maryline "left" the hunting band. She is on her fathers census Edward Pritchett a year after Minerva's birth and later married a fellow named West. I can find no corroborating evidence that Minerva was Chief Joseph's child although there are numerous trees on Ancestry that claim this. It all came from the verbal account of Minerva's daughter Sara Jane taken when she was in her 90's. --- Oops the account came from Nancy not her sister Sara Jane.

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21 March 2016
Find a grave
Ancestry indes to a database
1885 Myrtle Parker .JPG
1885 Myrtle Parker 2 .JPG
Could be the wrong person
21 March 2016
Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
very early 1940's
composed by Ella Mae Campbell
On-line database
Mrs. Jess Suter Is Buried Sunday

Mrs. Jess Suter of the Arch community died Friday at 3 o'clock in
St. Mary's hospital, McAlester, after giving birth to a still born son
on the Tuesday before Friday.
Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at
Evans Funeral chapel with Mr. A. Bristow, Church of Christ min-
ister, from N. McAlester, in charge.
Mrs. Suter was Lillie Taylor before her marriage, the daughter of
the late Luther Taylor. Besides the husband she leaves six child-
ren, ranging in age from 4 to 18.
A brother, Robert Taylor, of the Higgins community, and a sister,
Mrs. Bertha Watson, of Oklahoma City, were here for the funeral.
---December 20, 1940.
18 March 2016
ROP/David Beall/Carol Scott
David Beall suggested taht Carol had done some work on these names in thr recent past
Robert, I looked it up and it was person who was researching Taylor’s but she was a more recent descendant. We found the info that she requested and sent it to her.

16 March 2016
David Beall
Quanah Parker Society
Have you been in touch with the Quanah Parker Society based in Cache, Oklahoma. They also have a family re-union each fall.
16 March 2016
David Beall
Indian - pioneer Papers
on-line database
16 March 2016
County All name index
on-line database
PCGHS Library edition
All names with surname Taylor
Myrtle Talyor in index.JPG
Luther E Taylor in index.JPG
1068 Luther Taylor Evans Funeral home vol2 Sep 1933 to June 1940.jpg
1940 01 27 Luther Taylor Evans Book 2 Sep 1933 to June 1940.jpg
1900 FCensus vol 4 Myrtle M Taylor.jpg may not be the same person - she is not suppose to be married until 1902 - do we need to research further?
Myrtle M. / Luther E.
16 March 2016
County All name index
PCGHS Library edition
All names with surname Suter
Jessee Suter in index.JPG
1986 03 06 Jesse Suter Obit
16 March 2016
David Beall
Pittsburg County, Oklahoma - People and Places.
David informed me that a large number of people researching Suter just joined FaceBook
Angie Sinclair
Jackson Suter
Ron Suter
Susie Suter-Williams
Marilyn Suter
Tommy Suter
David Beall This is a sample of the Family Stories. Remember, this was published in 1997 and additional information may be available.
William Harl Suter was born in Paris, IL on April 4, 1843, according to his age on his service records, though the family has always said that he was born in 1832. His father is believed to have been of Scottish descent and his mother of French descent, though their names are not proven yet to this author. William Harl was a Pvt. in the Civil War from 1862-1865, Co K, Elliot Regiment-Shelby advanced guard-Arkansas Infantry. He was 5’3” tall with light hair, blue eyes and fair complexion. He was injured in the service and walked with a limp afterwards. He was a laborer by trade. William Harl’s 1st wife, Abilene Cox, died after 6 months of marriage by drowning. His 2nd wife, Mandy Cossy, died in childbirth with their 2nd child after riding a horse 500 miles to where William Harl was stationed in the service. Their 1st child, Sterling Price, lived with his grandparents while William Harl was in the service. William Harl was discharged from the service in May 1865 in Helena, AR. He married his 3rd wife, Minerva Jane Pritchett Kincade, in October 1867 in Camdenton, Camden County, MO.
Minerva Jane was born March 23, 1850 in Lebonon, Laclede Co., MO to Maryline Elizabeth Pritchett and Chief Joseph Kincade. Since Maryline and Minerva Jane lived with Maryline’s father during the 1850 Census of Laclede County, MO, when Minerva was only 9 months old, she was possibly illegitimate. William Harl and Minerva Jane are first found in Pittsburg County through the 1910 Census where they lived in the Dow Township. Minerva Jane could not read nor write. They lived in the Dow and Craig Communities until their deaths. William Harl died April 8, 1910 and Minerva Jane died Jan 12, 1928, both buried in Hartshorne, OK. They had 10 children other than Sterling Price: John William, Joseph, Martin Ray, James, Sara Jane, Nancy Katherine, Albert, Pink Harl, Levi, and Willis (the only one of the children born in Indian Territory at Durant in 1888).
John William Suter was born June 3, 1868 in Lebanon, MO, married Margaret Elizabeth Marlow in April 1894 in Ft. Smith, AR. Margaret Elizabeth was born May 30, 1880 in Arkansas to Jessie Marlow. John William was a farmer by trade and is first found in Pittsburg County as head of household in the 1910 Census with Margaret and their 2 sons: Johnny and Jessie Edward. Their firstborn child was a stillborn girl. They lived in the Dow and Haileyville area until their deaths. John William died Oct 31, 1944 at the age of 77 and Margaret Elizabeth died May 5, 1960 at the age of 79. They are both buried at Hartshorne.
Jessie Edward Suter was born June 27, 1897 in Clinton, AR and moved to Pittsburg County at the age of 9. He married Lilly Elizabeth Taylor on April 10, 1921 in Hartshorne. Lilly Elizabeth was born April 24, 1906 in Missouri to Luther E. and Myrtle Parker Taylor. Though not proven, the family records show that Myrtle Parker was the daughter of Comanche Indian Quanah Parker. Jessie was a laborer by trade. Lilly was ambidextrous and would go wild if anything got between her toes. Jessie and Lilly‘s children were all born in Pittsburg County: Frank Edward, Jack Lewis, Thelma Maxine, Christine Elizabeth, James William, and Margaret Irene. Lilly died of childbirth complications on Dec 20, 1940, only 3 days after their stillborn son was born. Jessie died Feb 23, 1986 and both are buried in Hartshorne.
Christine Elizabeth was born Nov 19, 1931 in Craig, married Fred May Stone on March 2, 1946 in Ft. Smith, AR. Fred May was born July 14, 1922 in Haileyville, OK to William Jackson and Mary Eliza Smyth Stone. They lived on Rt. 1 Hartshorne until their home burned to the ground in 1972. Christine is a housewife and homemaker and Fred is retired from the AAP. They retired to Springdale, AR in 1979 to be near a Veteran Hospital. Their children: (1) Lilly Mary born Jan 19, 1947 in Hartshorne, OK. She married Joe Swboni. Their children: Eva Christine, Smokey Joe, and Justin Lee. She then divorced Joe and later married Norman McFee. She has 3 grandchildren through Eva and 1 grandson through Smokey Joe. Lilly and Norman live in Springdale, AR. (2) Freddie Jackson born Sept 22, 1948 at Hartshorne, married Debby Palmarchuk at Hartshorne and had 2 sons: Paul Edward and Scott Robert. Debby left Freddie taking the boys and he never saw them again. Freddie died June 9, 1991 at the age of 42 of a heart attack and is buried in Springdale, AR. (3) Frances Jean born Aug 4, 1952 in McAlester, OK. She married Alvin Carshall in 1968 and had a son, who lived only 11 hours after birth. She divorced Alvin and later married Douglas Adkison and had daughters: Crystal Marie and April Arlene. She divorced Douglas and later married L.V. Case and had another daughter: Cassandra Jean. She has 5 grandchildren. She and L.V. live in Altus, AR. (4) Deborah Kaye born Sept 26, 1953 in McAlester. She married Tommy Lordahl in 1972 and divorced in 1979 with no children. She married Donald Collum on July 9, 1981 in Dallas, TX and they have a daughter: Delana Raylene born May 18, 1983. They live in Arlington, TX. (5) Shirley Ann born Aug 2, 1951 in McAlester, married Bobby Dale Dugger Oct 25, 1968 at the home of Bob’s parents in Hartshorne. Bob was born June 2, 1945 in McAlester to Harold Maxwell and Myrtle Iola Pippin Dugger. Their children: Jesse Wayne and Theresa RochAnn. They built a home where Shirley’s parents’ home burned and have lived there since 1977. (a) Jesse Wayne Dugger born Aug 22, 1967 in McAlester, married Katina Louise West on July 7, 1987 at Haileyville. Katina was born July 1, 1968 to Floyd and Louise West. Jesse and Katina’s daughters: Maegan Lei born Sept 5, 1987 in Talihina, OK, and Karissa Louise born July 15, 1989 in Talihina. They live in Springdale, AR. (b) Theresa RochAnn Dugger born Dec 13, 1970 in McAlester, married Chris Walter Climer on June 17, 1989 in Haileyville. Chris was born Dec 14, 1967 to Harold and Edith Climer. Their daughter, Heather Nichol was born Oct 6, 1991 in Ft. Smith, AR. They are expecting another child in December 1995. They live in Greenwood, AR.
Jo LaVonne Ahlm Thanks but I already have copy in my records.
The record "cited" in this specifically to Myrtle Parker is presumably the account recorded by Mildred Dugger. It has never been produced upon multiple requests since I first knew if it in 1982. Although I have asked Shirley and her mother whom was my Aunt Christine, to their face they never produced a document although there was one that was supposed to have existed referred to a "the doctor book" that was originally a possession of Robert Taylor brother to Myrtle Taylor and uncle to my Grandmother Lillie who passed when my father was 7. Ron Taylor is one of the main trees in Ancestry that I know is a cousin and credible as far as research.
15 March 2016
RootsMagic Tree
My Computer
Added Family Search Tree data
Tree in computer
13 March 2016
on-line discussion
Myrtle Taylor
Myrtle Parker
Birth 1884
Death 1919 in Hartshorne, Oklahoma, USA
Name: Myrtle Taylor
Age in 1910: 25
Birth Year: abt 1885
Birthplace: Texas
Home in 1910: Neodesha, Wilson, Kansas
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s Name: Luther E Taylor
Father’s Birthplace: United States
[United States of America]
Mother’s Birthplace: United States
[United States of America]
Death 1919 error
13 March 2016
on-line discussion
Luther Taylor
Luther E Taylor
Spouse & Children
Luther E Taylor
1871 – 1940
Name: Luther Taylor
Age: 26
Birth Date: Sep 1873
Birthplace: Missouri
Home in 1900: Harrison, Vernon, Missouri
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Boarder
Marital Status: Single
Father’s Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother’s Birthplace: Tennessee
Occupation: View on Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
B W Younger 49
Emily S Younger 49
Wm S Younger 21
Lizzie Younger 18
James W Younger 13
Joseph S Younger 10
Luther Taylor 26
Newton J Younger 47 -
Name: Luther E Taylor
Age in 1910: 38
Birth Year: abt 1872
Birthplace: Missouri
Home in 1910: Neodesha, Wilson, Kansas
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s Name: Myrtle Taylor
Father’s Birthplace: Illinois
Mother’s Birthplace: Illinois
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Luther E Taylor 38
Myrtle Taylor 25
Lillie E Taylor 4
Luther B Taylor 1
[1 2/12]
Source Citation
Year: 1910; Census Place: Neodesha, Wilson, Kansas; Roll: T624_459; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 0221; FHL microfilm: 1374472
Luther E Taylor findagrave.com
Birth: Sep. 11, 1871
Missouri, USA
Death: Jan. 27, 1940
Pittsburg County
Oklahoma, USA
13 March 2016
suggest cluster research
Jo LaVonne Ahlm I began genealogy research in LDS libraries on microfiche and I knew to always take Xerox for 2 pages before and after a find. However I do not really know how to do that on computer based research, I will read the links you sent. Thank you for your time and assistance.
13 March 2016
on line database
Luther E Taylor is well documented in Ancestry with 10 records 10 photos
13 March 2016
“Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas” ISBN 0-89308-120-5
Personal Library
reference work we use for the Parker story i
did not reveal anything
13 March 2016
In general traveling combine crews have a home base (I did this one summer) If you can figure this out, it may help. Some times the owner kept records for taxes, and sometimes these end up in archives. The crew can also be a cluster, most of the time you work these crews with friends.
13 March 2016
The Parker connection if true would have connections to Limestone County, in Texas. Grosebeck is the county seat, and it has a public library, but the records are only available in person and under very struck Procedures (I assume they keep getting stolen).

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