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Coletta Lowe-Pitts
David Beall's 2/25/2014 surname index lists the name JH Adams and shows several listing for James Adams. I am trying to find info on James M Adams born May 1870 whose father's name was J H Adams.
James M Adams
born May 1870
Ancestry Possibilities removed 25 October 2015 causing confusion
Pedigree Ancestors
1880 FCensus Martha
1910 FCensus Blanche
1917 DraftCard Ancestors Francis K Wisdom

Research Log


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25 October 2015
Coletta Lowe-Pitts/ROP
The Possibility results from Ancestry is mudding up the research since they are not correct - Members of the Arkansas Group are actually sourcing the document from the PCGHS site as fact - Coletta Lowe-Pitts request it be removed
ROP Removed the Ancestry Possibilities documents from the PCGHS web site
Note need to be clearer in the future that these are Possibilities and not fact.
08 January 2015
On Line Database
"James Adams" The Daily Ardmoreite., May 30, 1902, Image 8 - column 4 top - Prisoners to Levanworth ---James Adams, selling liquor; two years
The Daily Ardmoreite., February 26, 1902, Image 1 colum3 near top .. james Adams and L. V. Powell, larceny, not guilty
The Iola register., September 28, 1900, Page 5, Image 5 Column 2 2/3 down Mrs. Ida jones and Mre James Adams involved in a carrage accident
The Iola register., March 02, 1900, Page 11, Image 11 column 4 bottom Mrs James Adama burned her face severely with hot tea a few days ago.
"James M Adams" - no notable hists
"James Melton Adams" - no hits
"Martha Adams" - nothing interesting
"Martha Isham" - no results
"Martha E Adams" - no results
08 January 2015
On Line Database
Martha Elizabeth Adams
Martha Elizabeth Adams
[Mattie Wisdom]
Birth Date:
24 Apr 1871
Birth Place:
Arkansas, USA
Death Date:
13 Dec 1904
Death Place:
Galena, Cherokee County, Kansas, USA
Oak Hill Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place:
Galena, Cherokee County, Kansas, USA
Has Bio?:
Has photograph

Note: set
08 January 2015
Ancestry Public Trees
On Line Database
Found it with FTM link
Tried to connect to Richards/Lowe Public tree on Ancestry - not able to find Perhaps she can send a guest request to ropulse at aol dot com
06 January 2015
Coletta Lowe-Pitts
response on FB group
Coletta Lowe-Pitts REgarding your note on Etta: It is the same person, she was married 3 times to Shoemaker, Tweedy, and then Crowell. My ggrandfather - the baby boy born in 1899- was already taken in by another family after birth. At the time of Mattie's death the older 3 were scattered. Etta with the same family as grandpa while Walter and Joseph ended up in foster/orphanages. They both married and raised families in this area. Those family members are the ones who came up with the middle initial of M for James and E for Mattie.
06 January 2015
Coletta Lowe-Pitts
response on FB group
Coletta Lowe-Pitts to answer your questions as best I can - he did not die at Leavenworth. I have copy of file where he was paroled in 1901. The records also infer he was at El Reno prison in 1930 but I can't find any records from there. Yes, we have a tree on ancestry it is the Richards/Lowe tree and is public. I am not the only one who input in the tree and I feel some of the information pertaining to James and Mattie was not researched properly and may not be accurate. I have tried to delete most of it. The family moved to southeast KS in 1900 whereas Leavenworth is in northeast KS. In Feb 1899 she was sent to the poor farm in KS and signed in as Mrs Isham. April 1899 she gave birth to boy and was registered as Mrs Jos Isham. On the 1900 census she is listed as Martha Isham and says married for 2 years. In 1904 obit she has reverted back to Mattie Adams.The reason I know this is her in all cases (except the birth registry) is the 3 older children are listed with her. There is no indication that Jos Isham was present and there isn't any record of marriage I have found. I am really trying to find out where Mattie came from and am hoping that following James might give me a hint or a starting place. As stated before I have a extensive prison file on him complete with pictures and I can send it to you if you like.
05 January 2015
On-line database
Family Search
Re-ran the search in Roots Magic to search Family Search -
Etta may be incorrect match (KWJV-H27) the married names do not match - Shoemaker came from Walter William ADAMS's Draft regrestration as next of kin, but Family Search ahs as Crowell
05 January 2015
Software genealogy program
Dell laptop
Broght the gedcom back into Rootsmagic and trimed up duplicate facts and generated revised pedigrees and Ancestor reports - Added to web page these two reports and a couple of census and draft regrestration from the Ancestry search. - Did James Melton ADAMS die before the divorce? Martha Elizabeth WISDOM FS number LHZ9-BPF
05 January 2015
On-line database
Transfered the gedcom to Family Tree maker and searched Ancestry - Found at least 8 trees and a number of primary sources that I down loced into the tree - Tree appear to contain the same data all around Walter William ADAMS who was a vetern and lived well into his 90's, but no additions for James M ADAMS except they ahve his death occuring befor his divorce, Idropped the death data but worth more research. these tree have a middle name James Melton ADAMS
05 January 2015
Family Search
On-line database
RootsMagic search
Entered the new data from Coletta Lowe-Pitts into the gedcom and ran Rootsmagic on Family search - It appears that Etta Frances ADAMS has a tree on this database, most members have regrestration numbers in this line but not of the other third generation appear (I did not capture the number except for James M ADAMS) - Needs more attention, but no obvious new data on James M ADAMS - did not upload information to Family Search, but Coletta should do this at some tiem.
05 January 2015
Coletta Lowe-Pitts
response on FB group
This is the information I have to date: Facts
#1 from Choctaw Nation Marriages 1895-907 James Adams 21, Mattie Wisdom 20, March 18,1891, Colagate. I also have a copy of their marriage license.
#2 A hand-written statement from Mattie Adams b. 4/24/1871 (estimated date of statement 1896-1898) stating she had 3 children all born within Choctaw Nation, Etta Adams b. 2/13/1892, Joseph Adams 2/2/1894, Walter Adams 8/21/1896
#3 Pittsburgh Co. Court Docket showing James filed for divorce and granted July 1898.
#4 1899-1905 Mattie is in Empire City, Ks - Census records and obits as back-up. Unproven facts:
#1 1900 census shows a James Adams born in AR in Leavenworth prison for dispensing liquor without tax stamp in Cameron, Indian Territory sentenced 2/15/1899 for term of 3 yrs and he served 2 yrs.
#2 From his prison files I find his birth as 5/14/1870 in OKlahoma.
#3 Prison records show correspondence from his father J.H. Adams, Whitfield, IT.
#4 I am not really sure where the middle initial M even comes from as that was in someone elses research
#5 Same prison records also reference a Jim Adams at El Reno Pen in 1935 as maybe the same person. I guess I am trying to determine if they are the same James Adams and try to find out where he and Mattie came from as they are my brick wall.
05 January 2015
Family Search
Online database
used RootsMagic/7 to search genealogical databases - click on links to see results if links were available
Family Search: Two James M. Adams one Arkansas 1870 spouse Martha Elizabeth Wisdom #LHZ9-BK1
second birth 1870 Knoxville Tennessee - died 2 February 1912 #LC11-MX1
Bing 2nd no father listed possibility link
Family Search (main): J H Adams - not enought information
Ancestry: Nothing interesting
Ancestry Message boards: unavailabile at this time
Bing (2060) {search string: "James M Adams" OR "James M * Adams" OR "Adams, James M" 1870 }:
1st Result but wrong father
2nd no father listed possibility
3 rd from main - no likely
4 th lumpkin Georgia not likely
4 th Forum
FamilySearch (websearch) {results 373,832}: long list did not see anything interesting
Find a grave (4 results): long list did not see anything interesting
Fold3 (917 matches): long list did not see anything interesting $$
Genealogical Bank (312 matches) $$
Google (16,700,000 results)
MyHeritage (8,099,038 results)
RootsWeb (0 matches)
World Vital Records (409 trees; 142 census) only 1870 is Ky
Yahoo (48,600 results) nothing interesting
05 January 2015
Cemetery All Books - Searchable
Dell laptop server
J H Adams 16 Apr 1892-19 Nov 1899; S/O B&ME -- Savanna Cemetery, Pittsburg County
James Seymour Adams 1899 - 1980 (more available) -- Savanna Cemetery, Pittsburg County
05 January 2015
McAlester The Capital of Little Dixie by Clyde Wooldridge
PDF of book
Dell laptop server
Many Adams listed but no James
05 January 2015
On line Database - Used FTM to search
Tree name: Bissonnette-Christian-Brown-McAlpine-Barr-Wadsworth-Holden -Tiger-Root-Oatkey-Atkins-Nave-Branchcomb-Nichols-Walz-Gel inas-Vann ---- Owner: BlondiNativeAme3
Southampton, Massachusetts
James M. Adams
Birth abt 1872 in Arkansas, U.S.A.
Death in U.S.A.
J. H. Adams
Birth abt 1831 in Tennessee, U.S.A.
Death in Arkansas, U.S.A.
Birth abt 1841 in Missouri, U.S.A.
Death in Arkansas, U.S.A.
1880 Census
Age: 8
Little River, Little River, Arkansas, United States
Josephine Adams
1861 –
William Adams
1866 –
Elizabeth Adams
1868 –
Benjamin Franklin Adams
1875 – 1973
John Adams
1875 –
Sarah Adams
1877 –
Emma Chaitor
1878 –
Martha J. Adams
1879 –
05 January 2015
2014 David Beall index
Gateway laptop - note database at library is more up-to-date
Adams JAMES 10-Jun-80 Chaney 415 27B
Adams James Oct 15 2000 Obits
Adams James 1900 Census Index - Choctaw Nation 112 266 Atoka 1852
Adams James 1900 Census Index - Choctaw Nation 114 18 Caddo 1852
Adams James 1900 Census Index - Choctaw Nation 119 183 Goodwater 1853
Adams James 1900 Census Index - Choctaw Nation 79 234 Newberg 1851
Adams James 1900 Census Index - Choctaw Nation 90 201 Red Oak 1851
Adams James 1900 Census Index - Choctaw Nation 90 225 Red Oak 1851
Adams James 1900 Census Index - Choctaw Nation 90 226 Red Oak 1851
Adams James 1900 Census Index - Choctaw Nation 92 266 Wilburton 1851
Adams James 1920 Census by PCGHS 194 221 Haileyville 1269
ADAMS JAMES 1930 Census Indexed by PCGHS 158 61-31 21 KIOWA TWSP
ADAMS JAMES ARTHUR 14-Feb-71 Mills 43
Adams James Arthur 19-Feb-71 Obits
ADAMS JAMES HOUSTON 18-Aug-75 Chaney 286 26
Adams James Ivan 14-Nov-97 Obits
Adams James Meril 5-Jul-89 Obits
Adams Jamie Laura Elizabeth Aug 10 2007 Obits
Adams Jas. V. 1900 Census Index - Choctaw Nation 96 2 Hartshorne 1852
13 November 2014
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