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McAlester: The Capital of little Dixie - NO LONGER AVAILABLE in hard copy

This is a brief history of the story of McAlaster, oklahoma and its first 130 years. It is not the complete story of this city. It would literally take columes to write the entire story of this town and it eould be impossible to gather all of the information.
Actually, it is a story of three cities: Mcalaster (Old Town), krebs and Southe McAlaster, as well as the consolidation city that is known as McAlaster. It is the story of a frontier town that came into existance nearly 40 years before it was a part of teh State of Oklahoma. it is also the story of an area where history was being enacted by the Choctaw Indians adn the white man more than 70 years before the union of Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory into the Great State of oklahoma. by Clyde Woodridge
Hard- bound, printed on acid free paper. Indexed by surnames and locations, contains 800 pages

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